Our main business is ship maintenance.

Ship repairing, Ship engine maintenance
Steel industry and repairing
Management for buying and selling
Ship keeping, Fishing machine repairing
Machine parts, Engine parts for ship selling
Hotel management


Shikoku is developing:
Among the four prefectures in Shikoku, Kochi Prefecture alone faces the Pacific Ocean with some 250km of coastlines from east to west:there are many good ports thanks to its location, and so fishery has been prospering for centuries.

The Nahari Port in Aki-gun is located 50km east of Kochi City, the capital of Kochi Prefecture.
Although it is a man-made port, the Nahari Port is blessed with good weather conditions and is one of the best shelter ports in the prefecture.

Also, the port has a long history. Back in 1657(3rd year of Meireki in the Clan Administration Era), about 89000 Yanase cedars were shipped to Tokyo from the port of the Nahari river-mouth for the purpose of restoring the dungeon of Edo Castle, which was burnt down by the great fire of Edo.

In April, 1966, the Nahari Port officially opened as a commercial port.
Since then, the port has been a base for fishing vessels in the eastern area of the prefecture.These are coastal, inshore and deep sea tuna fishing ships.
Right here, our company, Kagoo Dock, is located.