Oct 1969 The founder“Tutae Kagoo”he started business as KAGOO TEKKOU-SHO in Niida Kochi city, which was for repairing ship engine.
Mar 1973 The company moved to 2416 Niida Kochi city and made main office.
The company has been incorporated a firm“KAGOO TEKKOU-SHO CO.,LTD”
Tutae Kagoo was inaugurated as first president.
Jul 1975 The company made ship dock-yard “NAHARI DOCK” in 883 Nahari-chou Aki-gun. And also main office moved there.
Sep 1978 The company increased the capital at 20 million yen.
Dec 1978 The company name was changed to KAGOO DOCK Co.,Ltd.
Mar 1980 The company made a hotel for business people in Nahari-chou. And it was named “Business Hotel Nahari”.
Mar 1980 “Business Hotel Nahari” grand open.
Mar 1983 15t jib crane has been build.
Sep 1989  The capital was increased to 30 million yen.
Mar 1990 “Business Hotel Nahari” has been rebuild. The hotel`s name was changed to “Hotel Nahari”.
Mar 1990 “Hotel Nahari”renewal open.
Oct 1992 Staff apartment has been build called “Cosmos sou”.
Apr 1993 The company name has been changed to “KAGOO Co.,Ltd”
11th Dec 1993 The founder, first president Tutae Kagoo died.
Jan 1994 Nobuyuki Kagoo has been inaugurated as second president.
Apr 1996 Staff apartment “White House” has been build in the dockyard.
Jun 2007 Spa inn Kitagawa-mura “Yuzu no yado” grand open.