• Corporate Culture
Kagoo Corporation, inspired by the ocean, has been blessed with natural benefits. It is our corporate culture that we, as a crew on a boat, cooperate, work hard by competing with each other, and head for the wild sea together as a team. Following our motto "eternal harmony.” we think much of bonds between people including our staff.
  • Mission
To continue our business is one of our missions. More than thirty years have passed since Kagoo Corporation set up a dock factory in Nahari Town. Thirty years is long enough to be an established company, and we are becoming well known in the middle region of Aki, Kochi Prefecture. How can we make sure our company grows for the next 50 to 100 yeas? We think it is essential to combine the physical and mental power of our young staff with the wisdom and experience of our senior staff. We propel our organization. through activities such as pursuit of sales, personnel training, education and research, study meetings beyond the barrier of departments, and outside lectures and seminars. Through sales promotion, our company Will continue. 


  President Nobuyuki Kagoo