Introduction of our development


Marine resources 
we eat daily 
are not limitless.
Today, all the fish that are caught inshore don't reach our tables. During distribution, fish that go bad easily cannot be kept fresh enough to be served as fresh fish, and they are sold at a lower price for other usages. Also, because distribution cost is higher than sales price, such fish are thrown away on the spot without even being distributed to the market.

Did you know about this?

Therefore, we think it is our mission to make effective use of the limited marine resources and keep them for the next generations. We are doing research on how to retain marine resources that are indispensable for our lives. For the purpose of securing safe food and supporting prosperity in fishery, we are working hard to establish techniques to keep the inshore catch fresh.


Research System
Maintenance business for inshore fishing vessels
Being well aware of the present condition of inshore fishery
Research on equipment related
to deep seawater
Having technical knowledge about the nature of deep seawater
Applied research on the techniques that preserve the freshness of fish and shellfish using deep seawater



Goals of Research and Expected Results
Freshness Quality of Water
Using cold seawater, we aim to develop water control system
that best suits the inshore catch to be kept cool as fresh fish.
Establishment of fresh preservation technique 
for the inshore catch.



Increase in the amount of fish distributed in fresh condition
Potential Effects Improvement of the value of domestic fish (food safety)
Development of local industry and expansion of employment